Lady Nugent

Lady Nugent dances with a negro, shocks her hosts and prompts fears of a rebellion

26 May 1803

LADY NUGENT throws a fete for her servants and begins the ball by dancing with an old black servant which causes consternation amongst her white ladies in waiting who fear that such familiarity might breed rebellion.

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Lady Nugent: Breakfast in the Creole style “as astonishing as it was disgusting”

01 February 1802

“I OBSERVED some of the party, to-day, eat of late breakfasts, as if they had never eaten before – a dish of tea, another of coffee, a bumper of claret . . . sangaree, hot and cold meat, stews and fries, hot and cold fish pickled and plain, peppers, ginger sweetmeats, acid fruit, sweet jellies – in short, it was all as astonishing as it was disgusting.”

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